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Chapter 2 playthrough:

Can't wait for chapter 3

Amazing game

hello, the mac version cant run on mac.

Could you tell me the detail?

And the screenshot.

Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer - Apple Support

brilliant game, great story and designs

Bruh 10/10

I LOVED this game, and cannot wait for more. The twists and turns were super fun to experience and the character designs were pretty cool too. Well done Dev, can't wait to play more!

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Such a good game, cant wait for more chapters to come out

wait for more chapters to come out!

Can't wait for the rest of the game!

i can't wait for more!

Loved this game so much! Did a review a little while back. Cant wait for the full game! 

cant wait for the next chapters, i loved this.  you really got me with that ending haha. 


The ambience is really unnerving and great at the same time. Being chased by something really sets the scene, I hope the English text can be improved a little bit, though everything else really changes my mind! Keep it up and we'll see the results soon.


I came into contact with this game through other people’s videos.I really like the turn of the first chapter and look forward to the next chapters of the game very much!Can’t wait for the day when this game is all finished!It would be nice if it could be faster!


I was honestly going to include this game in a 3 game video but realized quickly it deserved it's own video. Great job man i can't wait till the full game i will defiantly buy it! I've recommended this game to all my friends and viewers


Odlična igrica, radujem se ostalim chapterima, nadam se da ću ih moći odigrati i poslati sve na yt, sretno sa gradnjom igrice!


Don't have much to say, the game was pretty good for a demo, great pixelated art and the animations where very smooth, you did an amazing job here, I hope you can finish this game.
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Hi! S U B S C R I B E :V and yeah theres a bug in the signs. I'm having a hard time exiting the monologue when reading road signs :3

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fix reappear (

has fix the bug. :-D


Hello, I played your game in my video. It made me actually laugh at a lot of places. Yet, not bad. It's quite a journey. If you are curious for my play you can check it here. Thanks for watching already, incase people are interested.


There's a glitch when i press space at the sign and i press space again to make the text go away the text just reappears and i can't get away from the sign.


Where is the place happen? Could you take a screenshot?

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I got it,  I find it... thank you.





Gotta say tho I wasn't expecting much coming into it it got me good plus the umm "cough demon dog cough" was... interesting to say the least BUT good good. 


Excellent game. Loved how quirky and fun it was, while being creepy. I really liked Lucy lol. Please check out my video. Game #3 :)

Super fun story I recommended this game to several of my fellow youtubers :) I even got jumpscared lol and the twist ending was amazing. Here's a video I put together for you I hope you all enjoy enough to subscribe :P it really helps out


I'm  not a persone who scares easy but your gamer scared me 3 times lol ,10/10


Very cool game! I really loved the creepy atmosphere, and I cant wait to see the next chapter!


Very cool game, I love the style ALLOT! Made you a lil video: 


Markiplier just played your game. Skip tp 20:33


i love this game, especially cuz the dog was awesome 😎 

awesome monsters!!

i really liked this game. a nice 2D horror game 

I enjoyed this game very much, well done to the developers! I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

Deep Fog has some really good atmosphere going for it, providing a spooky environment even without the monster present, and that's some good design. The art style is also oddly good, and kept me looking at the world even when fleeing otherworldly horrors. Plus, a cute dog! I hope the rest of the game turns out as well.

Good job, devs.

This game is simply amazing! I really had a fun time playing it. Loved the atmosphere and the interactions. I'm looking forward to playing the entire game when it comes out! You did a great job! 

This game was awesome! Can't wait for the full release! I loved Lucy so much! Such a cute little dog, nothing anomalous or supernatural with her :3

Really enjoyed this! Didn't think I would get turned around a lot, but it's shocking what happens to your sense of direction when scared! Looking forward to the full game!! 

Loved this game and I really cannot wait to see what the next chapters will have to offer. The graphical style is fab, the audio is amazing and really helps bring out the creep factor, and the storyline is brilliants. There were a few issues with the translation to English, but only a few times. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
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This was a really good demo! I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the other chapters when they come out!

Lucy is the best dog and if another demon tries to eat her, I'll eat them myself! 🤣

I really look forward to playing the next chapters when they launch! 😊

I  featured this in my video - 4:25 - 

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